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Get Chocolaty Ready This Valentines!

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The Valentine’s week has started and Valentine’s Day is not even a week away. This week is meant to show your love to people who mean a lot to you. And when you are all set with the idea and gifts to surprise your loved ones, don’t you think you need to look great as well? So, gift chocolate to your skin this Chocolate Day. Chocolate makes the skin lovable and Valentine’s week is all about love, right? So, go chocolaty this Valentine’s week.


Chocolaty Beauty Benefits

Chocolate is proved to be quite efficient at releasing stress for women. Some of the skin benefits of chocolate are hydrating, removing tan, soothing, restoring vitamins and minerals and firming it. The aroma pleases the mind too. So, if you are going for a wax, facial or spa, chocolate can become your bestie at beauty too.

Waxing is Chocolaty Now!


Getting waxed (painfully) is a monthly affair for all of us. But what if the pain is substantially reduced? And what if the tan is also significantly reduced? Making the skin look brighter than just getting it rid of unwanted hair is what chocolate does for us.

Advantages of Chocolate Wax


Apart from the delicious smell chocolate wax has many other advantages over the normal wax. Let’s check the top ones.
• It is less painful than the normal wax. I know that sounds unbelievable!
• It has soothing effect on the skin and relaxes the pores. Hence, it makes waxing faster and efficient.
• It causes lesser redness or inflammation. So, it’s what you need if your skin is sensitive.
• The chocolaty smell is very pleasing.
• It helps reducing the tan.
• It is more or less like a body pack as its chocolate!

Chocolate Facial


Women’s love for chocolate is well known and so is their desire to look beautiful. Why not treat your skin with what you love? Chocolate doesn’t only satisfy the senses but also does miracles on the skin. It is wonderful for the skin when ingested or applied.
There is an ample amount of antioxidants in cocoa which is very important to get the skin free of free radicals. Free radicals are the elements that cause ageing and make us look old. The antioxidants kill the free radicals and slow the process of ageing. So, it can’t get any better than our favourite chocolate being used in a facial and making us look younger.

Chocolaty Facial Benefits

Improves Blood Circulation

Facial involves a lot of massaging and helps the nutrients get absorbed in the skin. This helps in increasing blood flow and hydrating it. Hydration soothes the skin and reduces dryness.

Vitamin and Minerals Absorption

Chocolate is rich in vitamins and minerals. Dark chocolate has Vitamin A, B complex, D and E in abundance. It is also rich in minerals like copper, iron, manganese, zinc and magnesium. Vitamins and minerals are very beneficial for keeping the skin healthy and energising it.

Anti ageing

Chocolate soothes and hydrates the skin which is important for avoiding wrinkles. The antioxidants present in chocolates help getting rid of the free radicals which are the root cause of ageing. It firms the skin and makes it look younger.

Suits All Skin Types

Everyone can be benefitted with the above advantages of chocolate facial as it suits all skin types. It reduces inflammation and redness, hence, soothes even sensitive skin.

Spa Gets Chocolaty Too!


Get yourself rid of the stress and calm your body with your favourite Chocolate. This Valentine you can indulge in the luxurious soothing of chocolate spa along with your partner. It’s an awesome way of gifting comfort and rejuvenation to your skin and mind. Or you can book a chocolate spa session for your parents or your best friend and express your love for them.

Chocolaty Benefits


• Spas are known to make the skin and mind happy but chocolate spa smells so good that all the senses become happy.
• Chocolate hydrates the skin and fights dryness. It moisturizes and makes the skin glowing.
• Calcium, copper, magnesium, manganese, iron, potassium and zinc remineralise the skin.
• Vitamin A, B complex, D and E revitalise the skin making it healthier.
• Antioxidants have the anti ageing effect as they kill free radicals and make your skin look younger and glowing. Free radicals deplete the skin’s elasticity and damage it. Chocolate spa further accelerates the production of collagen and elastin which making the skin firmer.

Cocoa has natural oils in it which hydrate the skin. In spa, other essential oils are also supplemented and massaged along with chocolate to provide extra moisture to the skin.

It makes you healthier as just the smell of chocolates benefits our body and mind both. The antioxidants present in chocolate improve the cardiovascular system. Hence, it imparts beauty with health benefits. Spa de-stresses the body, and chocolate has already been established as a stress buster. So, it’s an unbeatable combination!

Treat yourself and your loved ones with the luxurious beauty experience indulged in chocolate. Download Style my Body and get beautiful in a chocolaty style!


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