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7 Elegant Mehndi Designs to Try This Wedding Season

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India is a country of rich tradition and culture and Indian weddings are a significant part of it. As we know brides are always the centre of attraction for all the weddings, the attire, jewellery, hairstyle, makeup and Mehndi are all very special and given great importance. Mehndi is also popular as henna and is an integral part of Indian weddings. It holds such an important place that there is a particular ceremony based on it called the ‘Mehndi Ceremony’. It is applied not just to the bride and groom but to all the women of the family. There are many styles of applying henna like Rajasthani, Marwari, bridal, Arabic etc. So, whether you are the bride or bride’s sister, here are a few Mehndi designs to help you get decided with your mehndi design for this wedding season.



Bridal mehndi is applied on the bride’s hands and legs up to the knees. It follows the traditional style and is very dense in nature. Sometimes bride, groom, palanquins which symbolise a marriage are also drawn in the mehndi. There is another custom of hiding the groom’s name in the mehndi and the groom searches it and gifts something to the bride. This bridal mehndi is a combination of net, paisley, floral and peacock designs.

Let it Glitter!


Adding glitters to the henna is an old but less common. You can use different colours to highlight different areas or designs. It attracts people even when viewed from far. Colours like red, maroon, brown, golden, silver go well with the dress and with the wedding mood as well.

Circular & Central


This is a very old but beautiful style in which round designs are made in the centre. Petals or small flowers are added at each increasing level. It makes the design look fuller and attractive both. In this design henna is not applied at the base of the fingers to accentuate the circular design at the centre. Red nail paint complements the dark colour of the mehndi and goes perfect with the red lehnga (traditional Indian dress).

Elegant Peacock


Peacocks, flowers and paisleys are the most fundamental designs of a mehndi. Peacock designs make the mehndi look gorgeously beautiful. If you want to enhance the beauty of your design you can add a peacock design and let it do the magic. There are many different styles of drawing the peacock; here only the body is drawn and not the feathers. You may also draw the feathers in different styles and shapes.

Disjoint Design


This style which involves new twists is becoming very popular these days. If you are attending your cousin’s or your best friend’s wedding then you can try this style. Here the mehndi has been given the shape of two necklaces. The small necklace is made on the index and middle fingers and the bigger one runs from thumb to the ring finger. You can also make peacocks, vines or several other designs. Below the wrist there is a small design that gives finishing effect to this mehndi.

Arabic Style


Arabic mehndi is a very beautiful style of applying mehndi. It starts from either index or middle finger. You may continue it to the wrist or elbow however you like. This design goes with traditional and western dresses both hence, girls like it a lot. It does not take much time and still looks beautiful so, you can apply this style when you don’t have much time to sit for long for a full hand mehndi.

Modern Style


Small floral designs or just a paisley or a peacock at the back of the palm can be applied which saves time and looks good too. It is different from the traditional style of applying mehndi in many ways. Usually in traditional style it is applied on all the fingers but here you can apply on either one or two fingers as per your design or wish. Apart from saving time it looks modern and beautiful too. You may apply it on just the back or on the palm and the back of the palm both. Many girls like applying it only on the back.

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