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3 Classic Styles to Try on Your Long Hair

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If you are blessed with long hair, you have the advantage of flaunting new hairstyles, braids or buns. It’s true that they are a little difficult to manage. And taking good care of them because of the good length is troublesome sometimes. Style My Body is there to help you find great hairdressers who will style your long hair. They will also give you tips on how to make your hair look forever gorgeous. We have shortlisted three classic styles that are easy to maintain and evergreen.

Waves on the shore

Waves make your hair look more voluminous. You can make several hairstyles with your wavy hair. They look cool however you keep them. You may go ahead and colour just the waves or the entire length if you want. You can try stunning braids or just pin them on one side. A loose and messy bun makes you ready for a hangout with your friends. And you are beach ready always!

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As straight as an arrow

Straight hair is forever in style. The two best advantages of straight hair is that it is very smooth, silky and shiny and second- it gives you a very composed look. The best part is that even if you are just out of bed you only need your fingers to do the magic.
Although straight hair doesn’t look much voluminous but you can lift a little at the roots and give them volume. If you are getting late for office, don’t worry, a long pony tail and you are good to go.

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Go Curly Go Bouncy

The best advantage of long hair is that even if you get curls done, your hair is not going to look too short and you can enjoy the bouncy curls. There are many styles to do with your curly hair. You can look stunning by only making a side part and let your ringlets loose. A high pony tail which is Rihanna’s favourite makes your curls scatter and give you a much voluminous look. You can also try tying all your hair letting a few bangs loose in the front. The curly bangs that fall on your face make you look stunningly beautiful.

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