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Which One of These Is The Reasons Behind Your Pimples?

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Pimples are something most of us encounter in our teens. Pimples in teenagers are caused because of hormonal changes. But if you are no more a teenager and still getting them, it can be because of a number of reasons. The main cause of pimples is the growth of bacteria P. acnes in blocked pores with excess oil. There are many factors that may initiate the break out- check the one that’s causing it in your case.

Digestive Problems


Digestion related problems are a big reason for pimples. Constipation, intestinal tract problems and improper digestion lead to pimples in many people.



Pollution can be a reason behind your pimples if the locality you stay in is polluted. You may also get pimples if you have to travel daily for long in badly polluted areas. A good way to  avoid it is by planting indoor plants to reduce the effect of pollution in your house. You may also avoid it by travelling in air conditioned vehicles.

Poor Hygiene


If you are generous enough to share your make-up brushes, towels or pillows- you probably are doing injustice to your face. Touching your face with dirty hands can also cause pimples.

Care for your Face


It is very important to take proper care of your face. Wash your face twice daily with an anti –acne face wash. Scrubbing the face once a week gets it rid from pollutants, dead cells and other debris. It also helps you clean your pores off excess oil- the main cause of pimples.

Poor Quality Make-up


Poor quality make-up products clog the pores and hence, cause pimples. Always use good quality make-up products that do not clog pores and are not harsh on the skin. Also keep checking the expiry date of the products as they can be really harmful for the skin. try using products which are herbal or ayurvedic in nature.

Lung Infection


Infection in the left lung causes pimples on the left lung and that in the right one causes infections in the right one. Repeated pimple breakouts on the face can be caused because of a lung infection or its malfunction.



Hormonal medicines cause pimples many a times. If you are getting pimples and are under some kind of medication then probably the medication is the cause of you getting acne.



If you have dandruff then it can be a potential reason behind your pimples. Try getting rid of the pimples. Change your pillow covers regularly and use an anti-dandruff shampoo.



Stress causes the production of stress hormones that leads to excess production of oil on the face. Excess oil leads to clogging of pores and ultimately those small devils on your face.

Harsh Detergent


If the detergent you wash your clothes with is too harsh then it may cause acne on your chest, back and face. Use mild detergents to wash your clothes.

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