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Why is Waxing Your Best Friend For A Smooth Skin?


Gone are the days when our bollywood actors used to showcase their chest hair. Not only women but men have also become very cautious about the unwanted visible hair. There are many ways of getting rid of the unwanted hair like shaving, chemical depilatories, tweezing, epilating devices, laser treatments and waxing.


Shaving and chemical depilatories are painless methods but they cut hair from the surface hence, the growth comes in just 3 to 4 days. Laser treatment is very expensive and may not remove 100% hair. Although waxing is painful but it’s very popular because it’s cheaper than laser and makes you hair free for at least 3 to 6 weeks.


Waxing can remove hair from more or less all body parts including eyebrows, face, nose, legs, hands, back, abdomen, chest, knee, feet and bikini area. Eyelashes should never be waxed as it can cause severe damage to the eyelids.



There are two types of waxes- soft and hard. They differ in ways like heat requirement, application and removal. Both the types can remove hair that’s at least one fourth of an inch in length.

Soft Wax

It is also known as strip wax as it uses a strip for removing the wax. The wax is heated to reach the consistency of honey. Then it’s applied on the skin in the direction of hair growth in thin layers and covered with a piece of cloth which is pulled in the opposite direction after the wax has hardened.
It is ideal to be used on larger areas like hands, legs or back. Soft wax is better than hard wax when it comes to removing finer hair.


Types of Soft Wax

Heated Wax

It needs to be heated prior to the application. It’s easier to spread on the skin. Heated wax is less painful than other types and also helpful in softening of the skin.


Cold Wax

It doesn’t require any heating prior to the application. Although it seems easier but is actually tricky as its difficult to be spread evenly. It is also more painful as compared to the heated one. Many a times it is found to leave hair behind because of uneven spreading.

Pre Made Strips

Pre made strips have already attached wax to it. It’s convenient to use and isn’t messy at all as it doesn’t require heating or applying the product with an applicator. You just need to heat the strip by rubbing it in between the palms and then apply on the skin in the direction of hair growth. It’s pressed gently and then pulled in the opposite direction.


Hard Wax

Hard wax is also known as stripless wax as it doesn’t require a strip to be removed off the skin. It is heated and applied on the skin. After it cools down it tends to harden along with the hair. You can remove the hardened wax using your fingers. It can be used on sensitive skin as usually a good quality hard wax doesn’t stick to the skin but to the hair only.


Advantages of Waxing

• Removes hair from almost all body parts. It is equally efficient at smaller areas like upper lips and eyebrows.
• Helps removing both fine and coarse hair.
• It is independent of the skin type (normal, oily or dry) and colour.
• There are no side effects.
• It can be done even at home.
• You remain hairfree for longer.
• It is economic.
• Exfoliates the skin as well.


Disadvantages of Waxing

• It is a little painful process; however, the intensity of pain varies from person to person.
• It can only be done if the hair is at least one fourth of an inch in length.
• Sometimes red rashes appear on the skin after waxing which vanish after a while.


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