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Did You Know These Benefits Of a Pedicure?

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Our feet bear our weight all day long, and in return we rarely treat them with a foot massage or a pedicure. A pedicure cleans and relaxes our feet. More or less all types of pedicures include cleansing and exfoliating the foot, foot file, clipping and shaping the nails, pushing back the cuticles, foot and calf massage, moisturizing and applying nail polish(if you desire).

Yes, they’re really Beneficial!

We know pedicure not just cleanses our feet and make them look good but also keeps them healthy. It protects them from infections and ingrown nails. Let’s explore a few benefits of pedicure.

Pain, Pain, Go away!


Soaking the feet in warm water alleviates any leg or joint pain. The warm water comforts the stressed joints and leg muscles. It also targets and releases stiffness. So, make your leg pain kick the bucket (in this case, a warm one).

Callus, no chance!


Callus is the hardening of skin where it receives more friction. But if the callus remains unchecked it may lead to sores or ulcer if the skin breaks down. So, it is very important to remove them. Soaking the feet in warm water and then moisturizing them helps in softening and removal of callus.

Boost your circulation


Pedicure involves scrubbing and massaging the foot and leg up to the knees which leads to better circulation of blood in the entire body. Boosting the circulation relaxes the whole body. Massaging helps in reducing pain in legs and joints.

Your shield to Infections


Infection in the feet can be caused from agents that are unavoidable like dirt (your feet’s companions!), sweat (another bestie!), ingrown nail, dirty shoes, socks, door mats or carpets. Sweating leads to microbial growth which is the root cause of all the infections. Pedicure helps you get rid of those tiny beasts.

Say ‘No’ to Cracked Heels


Cracked heels are a nightmare for all of us. Dryness in the skin causes cracked heels which are painful and ugly to look at. Pedicure involves moisturizing and nourishing the skin after exfoliating the dead cells away hence, eliminates the prime reason of cracked heels.

The Soothing Massage!


Even the mere thought is tempting, right?While your tired feet get relaxed, you may read a book, watch some video or even take a nap. Pamper your feet to the fullest and let them enjoy getting cleansed and nourished.

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