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8 Easy and Effective Summer Skin Care Tips For Men

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Men think its women who should be taking care of their skin according to the season. But it’s actually men who should be concerned more about their skin according to the changing seasons because men spend time outdoors more than in the home. The humidity, scorching sun and sweat are a perfect combination for getting all the skin related problems in summer. So, let’s see what are the ways that can prove to be helpful to men to have a healthy skin and enjoy the summers to the maximum.

Wash your face- Minimum Twice Daily


It’s very important to get rid of the oil and dirt on your face to prevent any breakouts. The pores on a man’s face are bigger and hence, more prone to acne. Washing face twice daily reduces chances of getting acne and also keeps your face clean and healthy.



Sunscreen prevents your skin from the harmful UV rays. It is also helpful in preventing the skin from getting tanned. A sunscreen with SPF 30 should be applied 30 minutes before stepping out in the sun. if you are out for long re-apply it every 2-3 hours.



It is very important to get rid of the dead skin cells. You should exfoliate it once or twice a week. A good quality scrubber must be used otherwise it can be harsh on your skin. You should visit a salon once a month to get it done from professionals. Download Style My Body to get a list of all the good salons in your area and book an appointment at the time slot of your convenience.

Shaving Method


Shave in the direction of hair growth is better if are used to shaving regularly. Including a shaving cream protects the skin from getting dried. Try avoiding shaving daily as your skin heals itself after every shave which includes protecting it from UV rays too. aftershave is a must after every shave as it helps restore moisture in the skin.



A facial cleanses, exfoliates, hydrates, moisturises, nourishes and improves the blood circulation of your face. So, it is the best gift that you can give to your skin. A facial can be done monthly once. Some people advise men to get it done fortnightly but it’s enough if you get it monthly. You must choose a facial type according to your skin type.

Fight Body Odour


Odour comes when sweat mixes with bacteria so, try using anti-bacterial soaps. You must also apply a prickly heat powder or any cooling powder. This will absorb the sweat and the cooling effect will keep you feeling fresh. You can spray some deodorant at the end to smell good.

Keep Yourself Hydrated


Men sweat more and this makes drinking water sufficiently very important to keep yourself hydrated and maintain the level of electrolytes in the body. It also flushes out all the impurity off your body.

Healthy Diet


Include a good amount of seasonal fruits, melons and vegetables in your diet. A healthy diet regulates the overall functioning of the body. Salad, green leafy vegetables, curd, salmon, almonds are good for a glowing skin. Digestion slows down in summers you should eat easily digestible food and avoid deep fried food.

Download Style My Body and book your appointment in the best salon or skin clinic in your city. Be summer ready!


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