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5 Best Facials for Your Skin Type

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All of us desire to look beautiful. And a healthy and glowing skin contributes the most to it. Since, it’s the largest organ of our body it becomes difficult to take care of it. The pollution, on top, aggravates all the skin related problems. So, it becomes very important to keep the skin healthy. Facial is a skin treatment that helps cleanse, exfoliate, rehydrate, tone, even the skin colour, moisturize and rejuvenate it.

Types of Facial

Facial helps us fight many skin related problems like acne, dull, dry or oily skin, blemishes, wrinkles and black or white heads. And as you would agree these are a woman’s biggest enemies. It becomes very important to nourish the skin regularly to keep it healthy and glowing. But to select the best one for you is very important. You can select your facial depending on the type of skin you have – normal, dry, oily, combination or sensitive. It may also vary as per the skin problem.

Normal Facial

You can go for this one if you have normal skin. It follows the same steps of a cleanup- cleanse, steam and massage but involves massaging for longer than in a cleanup. It is recommended only if the skin is not prone to acne.


Special Facials

These are best suited for sensitive skin. These involve special hypo allergic creams depending on the skin problem. Special cleansing and rejuvenation is its key feature making it ideal for sensitive skin. At the end facial packs are applied depending on the individual’s skin type.


Collagen Facials

Collagen is a biomolecule that makes up 25-35% of the overall protein present in our body. It gives elasticity and firmness to the skin. Although the body makes it naturally but as we age it starts to degenerate. It is also aggravated because of bad diet and damage caused by sun and other environmental agents.

Collagen Facial hydrates, heals and nourishes the skin deeply and protects it from the environmental damage. The skin is exfoliated first to get rid of the dead cells. Cleansing is followed after treating the skin with vapours. Steaming allows penetration of collagen boosters to the deeper layers of the skin. The collagen boosters signal the skin to increase the production of collagen. Massaging and moisturizing with a nourishing cream at the end help the skin glow. It makes the skin tone even. It is recommended for all skin types.


Galvanic Facial

This facial suits all skin types. It uses a galvanic gadget to stimulate soft electric currents inside the skin. This helps in restoring moisture, hence, hydrates the skin. It removes the accumulations of oil and dirt which are the root cause of acne. Galvanic facial increases the moisture retaining capacity of skin making them glow.

It is referred to as “non-surgical face lift.” The anti-ageing properties of this facial helps fight wrinkles and tightens the muscles. It stimulates blood circulation leading to the cell’s capacity of absorbing nutrients and makes the skin glow and look nourished.

Gold Facial

Gold penetrates the skin easily. This facial employs the use of a cream that has 24 carat gold in it. This facial is also recommended for all skin types as gold is the least reactive metal and has healing and rejuvenating properties. It targets lymphatic drainage helping in the removal of toxins.

It controls pigmentation and reduces melanin- formation. Gold has anti- ageing properties, hence, fights fine lines and increases elasticity of the skin. It also corrects the oxidation and  damage done due to the sun.

Get glowing!



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