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4 Reasons Why You Should Use Bleach?


Bleaching is a temporary skin whitening process that gives you clearer, whiter and brighter skin. it gets you rid of dead cells, sun tan, dark spots and uneven skin tone. Its results are visible instantly because it whitens (bleaches) the hair and dark spots or pigmentation. It has such good results that beauticians prefer bleaching the face first before doing the facial.

Apart from natural bleaching agents like lemon there are other artificial agents which are more commonly used now in parlours as well as at homes. The artificial one is usually made with oxygen or chlorine as the base. There are few herbal bleaches also available now which are safer as compared to others. Bleaching has become a very important part of monthly skin care routine- let’s see why is that so!

It Makes You Glow


Bleaching removes the dead cells and makes the skin look brighter imparting new glow to the skin. it also gets you rid of the dull look which keeps the glow of off the skin. As it makes the skin a tone lighter, skin looks younger and prettier.

Lightens Skin Tone


This is the biggest advantage of bleaching the skin. It removes the tanning and dead cells making the skin brighter. It reduces the melanin (the pigment that gives colour to the skin)level hence, lightening the skin tone. Bleaching helps reduce tanning substantially if used regularly.

Fades Away Blemishes


You can get rid of those blemishes and dark spots if you use bleach regularly. It helps removing the layer of dark cells, dirt and pigmentation which accumulate at a place making it look darker.



After bleaching the skin gets smoother and softer. This improves the texture of the skin making it look rejuvenated and revitalized. It also has a long lasting effect on the skin and needs to be done just once a month if you use it regularly.

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