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Body Art & Piercing

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Body art (Tattoo) & Piercing speak aloud on the behalf of the bearer. The simplest of tattoos too are not that simple as they appear to be. There is an individual’s opinion and ideas sunken within it. They are of many types like realistic, portrait, 3D, dot work and temporary. So, whether you have selected the tattoo already or you still are struggling with the idea, design or the place on your body where you want it to be – Style My Body is there to assist you with everything related to tattoos.

Piercing is another form of body art. Ear and nose piercings are the most common types. But piercings on tongue, eyebrows, navel, lips, and almost every possible body part has been done since ages in many parts of the world as a part of their culture. But now they are done to showcase many reasons like beauty, personal or religious beliefs, to support or rebel a culture and many more. We help you get a piercing done hygienically and painlessly from our experts.


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