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Who says men don’t need Manicure?

manicure for boys

The prime reason behind manicuring is to make the hands look presentable. And if you are also one of those who think manicure is meant only for ladies, you are absolutely wrong. Manicure cleans your hands and gives a neat look which is equally important for guys. And it not only involves the cleaning of hands but also massaging them. I know it makes you interested now!
The first thing that men do is shaking hands when they meet someone. Imagine what impression would it pose if your hands are craggy, with rough skin and untrimmed nails.
Manicure also helps you curtail the chances of catching infections. There are many reasons that can lead to infections in the hands like sweat, playing sports, shaking hands with infected people, dirt, gymming etc. The trained manicurists let you know when there is some pathogen infestation and advice you about the precautions you may take.
So, don’t you think it’s time you visit a salon and get a manicure done to enhance the beauty and confidence of the gentleman you are!


“A professionally done manicure helps you look clean and presentable. It leaves a good impression of you when you shake hands with the opposite person. And it not just makes you noticed but also keeps you healthy”

Types of Manicure

There are many types of manicures depending on the texture of skin and nails. You can go for the regular manicure or try different types every time. You can choose it yourself or go with your manicurist’s advice.

Regular Manicure

This is the basic manicure which involves soaking the  hands in warm water. Then after a few minutes of soaking the manicurist gently pushes the cuticles back and cleans the underlying dirt. Then he cuts the nails, shapes them and massages the full hand or the fore arm.


Paraffin Manicure

This is your best buddy if your hands are dry or you exhaust them a lot. It employs paraffin which soaks the moisture in your skin making the hands smooth and soft. Paraffin manicure involves soaking the hands in paraffin for a while and then wrapping them in towels later. It may include some oils as well as per the need. It’s very popular for de-stressing the hands.

Hot Stone Manicure

Hot Stone Manicure is very comforting if there is any pain.  You may also try it even if you just want to relax. The manicurist will place your hands on heated stone and then follow the procedure of the regular manicure to give you heating effect and that feels awesome!

Hot Oil Manicure

This is best suited for people with extra dry skin, nails or those who are prone to getting pre-mature wrinkles. It involves massaging the hands well with hot oil or manicure oil. The oil is then allowed to stay on the skin for long so that it’s well infused into the skin. This makes the skin moisturized. Later the regular manicure is done.

Luxury Manicure

This is truly luxurious. It starts with massaging the hands with oil to comfort and relive them. Moisturizing is done by soaking them in hot paraffin. Hot stone treatment is given at the end to soothe them followed by applying a nourishing cream.
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