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Top 3 Ideas for Couples to Try This Valentine’s

valentines day

This time of the year has arrived when be it girls or guys, all of us are still wondering what special to do this Valentine’s? It is that one day of the year when love is in the air and everyone around us are busy planning to make the Valentine’s day special and memorable. But if you have been busy all this while and haven’t planned anything yet, then we have a couple of ideas that you may love trying and make this special day even more special!

Same Hair


This Valentine’s both of you can try colouring your hair with the same shade. Don’t forget discussing with a hair stylist about the shade that will suit you both and will be a memorable gift for both of you. This will help you get an absolute new look as well! You can try wearing pink if you want to look cute and adorable and deep in love. Pink clothes with pink roses or orchids- nothing can make it more romantic!

Same Pinch

This is an old but very beautiful style of celebrating Valentine’s Day. You both can wear something which are either same in colour or pattern. So, wear something that matches with your partner’s and make the world jealous of the couple that is so much in love!


Here the couple is wearing white which is the colour of purity. If you don’t want to try anything fancy and are in a mood to shower all your love on your partner with simplicity, white is your colour.


This combination is perfect for you if you are in love but don’t want to wear typical love colours like red or pink. White tees with dark shaded denims will make you both look hot and sporty. A leather jacket or hoodies of the same colour will enhance your tough look.

Tattoos are Forever


You can make this Valentine’s forever memorable with couple tattoos. You can also surprise your partner by getting his/her name tattooed. Tattoos are a commitment for lifetime. So, a tattoo can express the depth of your love for your partner. They are also the symbol of loyalty. So, getting tattooed  will mark this Valentine’s Day with an ink that can’t be erased and make your love immortal!



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