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Which Facial Piercing You Think Will Suit You?


Piercings have become really common in the past few years. Although they can be done on almost every body part now but face is one part that allows you the maximum number of possible facial piercings. Apart from ear and nose which are the most common types people beautify other parts of the face too. Bridge, septum and nostrils are done in the nose itself with many possible combinations to try. Lip piercing includes medusa, labret, Monroe, snake bite and again their many possible combinations. There are many other facial piercings, let’s check them.

Labret Piercing


This piercing is done through the lower lip. Here it’s done vertically which is more common than its horizontal counterpart.

Septum Piercing


This is another type of nose piercing which is really very common. It involves piercing the septum of the nose. The thick fleshy part of the nose is pierced taking care of the cartilage which is exactly above it. Rings or circular barbells go best for septum piercings.

Tongue Piercing


You are definitely quite a fun loving person if you are planning for this. All your selfies are also going to be damn different from others. You can get your tongue pierced in different or multiple places. Usually a thick labret stud is used according to the thickness of your tongue.

“Beautify the more confident and bolder you through your piercings. Let them speak out to the world about your strength and endurance.”

Snake bites


Snake bites are another very popular lip piercings and involve piercing the lower lip vertically. You can get it either in the middle as in the image or anywhere in the lower lip. It resembles a snake bite when done at both the corners of the lower lip.



It’s equally popular among men and women both. You can get it either vertically or horizontally across your brow bone. Bars and rings both suit it best.



It involves piercing exactly opposite to the eyebrow. You may get it above or below the eyebrows. Bars usually beautify anti-eyebrow piercings.



Medusa is the point exactly in the middle of the upper lip. Studs adorn the medusa beautifully. You may also complement it with another lip piercings as in the image.



Bridge is not so common yet. It involves piercing the top of the nose in the middle of the eyes. Here only one side of the bridge piercing is visible and a bar adorns a bridge.

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