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Trendy Tragus Piercing

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Although lobe piercing is the most common type, tragus piercing has become a very popular one. It is believed to be originated in the 1980s like other modern ones.
Cartilage piercings of the ear include Daith, Snug, Rook or Conch and Tragus. A tragus is a small cartilage that hangs out at the entrance of the auditory canal. Of all the cartilage piercings, tragus piercing is the least painful.


Tragus was used as a tool for identification in the 19th century as it is specific to every individual so, it was. Since, it is specific to everyone; it needs to be verified first if the cartilage is large enough for a piercing or not. If it’s too small and piercing resides on the soft tissue, then there’s a probability of the piercing to either get rejected or migrate away.
Second important thing is to check that the jewellery must have a room for itself otherwise it may contort the tragus or cause the piercing to migrate.

Jewelleries to Adorn Your Tragus Piercing With

You can beautify your tragus with different types of jewelleries. Let’s check some out.

Captive Bead

Tragus Piercing

Captive beads are rings. They have a bead or a ball fixed in them. These are the best for piercing as it allows faster healing. They are also better because of their light weight.

Labret Stud

Tragus Piercing

These are like studs. They have a flat disc or a bead on one end and another end is either threaded or a pressure end.


Tragus Piercing

L- bends are long and bent wires. It has only one end which has a ball or a bead there. It is bent so that it doesn’t come out. Some people find them more comfortable than the Labret studs.

Circular Barbells

Tragus Piercing

These have two threaded ends and are very similar to a horseshoe in shape. You can use them for faster healing like the captive ones. But you must take care the weight of threaded ends. Heavier ones can distort the tissue or migrate the piercing.

Industrial Piercing

Industrial piercing involves grouping other piercings together like Anti-Tragus, Conch or Snug. But it majorly depends on the anatomy of an individual’s ear.

Tragus Piercing

So, if you want to get your tragus pierced since long but are worried about the hygiene and pain, download Style My Body and get it done from professionals!


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