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6 Trendiest Tattoo Styles

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Tattooing is an age old practice of engraving either a text or a design on the body by infusing ink into the skin. It’s practiced in almost all the parts of the world. Tattoos were revealed on the mummies of Egypt proving its existence from thousands of years. The Indian form of tattoo is popular as ‘Godna’. Common examples of godna include ‘Om’, tribal designs or inscribing husband’s name on the body.
Now tattooing has taken an all new shape. People get tattoos done for several reasons like showing religious belief, supporting a culture or a cause, as a sign of rebel, beauty or sometimes for no reason.
There are many types of tattoos depending on the origin or style. But here are a few of them which are in trend nowadays.


This style of tattooing depicts one’s perception in an absolute unique manner. While it’s not outlined, it doesn’t even depict the surrounding world in traditional styles . Hence, it is very popular amongst youngsters.



It is also famous as ‘Old School’  and is considered to be the oldest after the tribal form. It is a very precise style of tattooing with proper outlines and accurate usage of colours. Traditional style is well outlined and usually employs black and blue colours for this purpose. It includes a few key designs like rose, ships, anchor, women, compass, eagles and hearts. This style employs very less detailing.  Red and green are the favourite colours for filling the tattoo. Although the tattoo world has now many styles, the old school form still holds a very significant place.



It is a style of tattooing that uses small dots to create patterns. Dots create shading of different degree or even solid filling. It uses small lines if required and avoids the use of solid lines usually. Before the introduction of the new electric machines dot work tattoos were hand- tapped.



This is the most Imperfect tattoo style. It resembles a sketch on the drawing board.



This is one of the best ways to express your ideas. People go for different scripts or fonts. You can choose any of the available fonts on the internet or some tattoo artist custom a font especially for you.
Ambigram is another very popular style which combines two words together and makes a composite tattoo. It reads one word from one side and the other upside down.


This style is also thousands of years old. It is unique because of its big size, detailing and perfect blend of colours. Japanese tattoos have a story hidden inside them which make them detailed and big. They are famous for their perfect positioning of images, choice of colours and picturization of culture. Most commonly used designs include dragons, fish, temples, Japanese girls, flowers and birds.


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