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Your Habits That Give You Dark Circles

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Lack of sleep isn’t the only culprit behind your under eye circles. Although it is very important to take a good long sleep but many a times there are other reasons as well that give you those ugly dark circles. Well you can blame your silly habits for getting them. Here are other reasons that make you look older and tired.



That’s right! The make-up that you apply to hide the dark circles can actually be a cause behind them. if you are using low quality products then it may be the reason behind your dark circles. Low quality products cause irritation, scratching or rubbing which leads to dark circles. So, always buy good quality eyeliner, mascara, concealer, foundation or just any other product.

Are you taking excess salt in your diet?


Excess salt causes fluid/water retention in the body which includes under the eyes and darkens it. Salt is vital for the body but always mind the quantity. Both low and high intakes are harmful.

Excess Exposure To The Sun

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The skin in the under eye area is the thinnest as compared to the rest of the face. If you are over-exposed to the sun then the over production of melanin (the pigment we get our colour from) in this area starts showing up soon.


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Yes, crying does not only gives you a running nose but it also causes dark circles. I think it’s time you start watching comedy movies more rather romantic or overwhelming drama.

Lack of Sleep or Oversleeping

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We all are aware how lack of sleep causes dark circles but did you know that even oversleeping causes the same? Well, I agree that sleep gives you beauty and makes you look younger but oversleeping can be dangerous for your beautiful eyes too.

Allergies or Skin Condition like Eczema

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Skin conditions like eczema lead to dark circles. But even if you are allergic to something you may get those dark circles. Allergies lead to the production of histamine in the body which causes the blood vessels to dilate making them easily visible through the thin skin of the under eye area. So, you can only get rid of those ugly circles when you treat your allergy.

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