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Why is Spa Essential For Men In Summers?

head massage for men

The time is changing and women are facing competition when it comes to beauty now. Even men have become conscious about their looks and like taking care of their skin. However, spa is not only about beauty but includes health benefits and a lot of relaxation and rejuvenation. Recently the number of men visiting spas has increased more as compared to their counterpart. Men are involved in physical activities, sun exposure, sports etc. and all of these tires their body so, men turn to spas in order to gain some relaxation and comfort their bodies. It is also helpful in de-stressing and soothing the body as well as the mind. Let’s check some therapies out that are most liked by the men so that you may gift a session to your loved ones.

Cooling Foot Massages


This is the best for those who are active in sports or who have to stand for long hours. This massage takes away all the tiredness of the feet and imparts a lot of comfort. Foot massage may also involve scrubbing and exfoliating the feet which will help you get better looking feet. After the massage the feet are wrapped in cool exotic wraps which do wonders in taking away all the pain and discomfort.

Head or Full Body Massage


Who doesn’t like a soothing and comforting head, shoulder or back massage? Also it’s the best when you get it from professionals. You may try either only head or go for a full body massage to fight fatigue.

Cold Stone Therapy


This therapy is becoming very popular nowadays. This is the best to beat heat and boost blood circulation. This is basically a 30 minutes therapy and involves placing cold stones on the body accompanied with shoulder and back massage. When a cold stone is placed on the skin it contracts the muscles and relaxes them. It also helps fight joint aches.



There are a few special pedicures designed only for men to fight tanning and tough dead cells. These pedicures involve extensive scrubbing and exfoliating followed by the application of fresh fruit packs that aim at fighting sun exposure.

Exotic Massages


Exotic massages are very much in demand which involve various exotic oils to moisturize the skin and release stress, chocolate wraps to restore vitamins and minerals in the body and soothe it, deep tissue massage targeting the skin’s deeper layers and the ones that use sea salt to exfoliate the skin leaving it soft and glowing.

What’s the reason behind men’s interest in spas?


First of all, even guys want to look good and it’s the truth even if they deny it. Even a single session of spa helps them overcome fatigue and stress to a large extent. Spa restores health not only in the body but in the mind too and this is the biggest advantage. Another big advantage of a spa is that chocolate massage or oil massage help fight ageing as well and who doesn’t want to delay wrinkles and fine lines?

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