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Why Does Dandruff Always Come Back To You?

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The shedding of dead cells from the scalp is dandruff. Although it’s not harmful but itchy and shameful for sure. It’s often seen on the shoulders and clothes and your hands are tempted to scratch your scalp which is very embarrassing when in public.

It’s a misconception that dandruff is caused due to dry scalp when it actually happens due to oily scalp. The actual reason is not known though it usually occurs as a result of growth of a harmless yeast (fungus) called malassezia. Here are some common causes that trigger or contribute to dandruff.

Not Shampooing Regularly


Shampoo washes off the oil and dirt and dead cells accumulated on the scalp. This is very important to control dandruff. The yeast that causes dandruff feeds on the oil that our scalp produces. If you don’t wash it regularly the yeast will keep growing and it may get alarming.

Not Brushing or Combing Regularly


Brushing or combing keeps shedding the dead cells off the scalp. If you don’t brush your hair regularly then you are letting the dead cells build up on your scalp which increases the risk of getting dandruff.

Dry Skin


Those who have dry skin have higher chances of getting dandruff. Dry skin tends to get flakes like dandruff. You can go for regular hair spas as it moisturizes the hair and scalp both. Hair spa involves massaging the head with oil which infuses nourishment inside the scalp taking the dryness away.

Oily Skin


People with oily skin tend to get Seborrheic dermatitis which makes the scalp prone to dandruff. It can affect scalp, back of ears, sides of nose, eyebrows and breastbone. It is a type of fungus that lives on the scalp feeding on the oil that the scalp produces. Usually it is harmless but can grow out of control. When they over-grow, the scalp produces more cells which die and mix with oil and are visible as dandruff.

Skin Condition


People suffering with certain skin condition like psoriasis or eczema tend to get dandruff more.



People who are allergic to some hair products or skin care products may get dandruff along with redness and itching. Try avoiding such products or buy better quality products.

Stress or Illness


Experts say that mental stress may lead to dandruff in some cases. People who suffer from some diseases or are ill for long also tend to get dandruff. According to some studies, people suffering from Parkinson’s disease, HIV or who have weak immune system have more dandruff than others.

Dandruff can be reduced considerably by taking hair spa at regular intervals. Hair clinics also offer many treatments depending on the condition of dandruff on one’s head. Download Style My Body to book appointments in the most trusted salons or hair clinics in your city. Style My Body lets you book appointment from your home. You can also book your appointment with the expert of your choice at the time slot of your preference.


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