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Why All of Us Need Facial?


Summer is approaching with some common but much dreading problems for us like tanning and acne. And be it man or woman, we are all affected equally by the scorching sun and humidity. But luckily we have something for us that takes care of our skin, cleanses, exfoliates, hydrates and rejuvenates it. Facial comes to our rescue for every big or small problem.

Unlike the myth, facial isn’t something which is just a beauty treatment, it’s become a necessity for our skin. Many of us think that they don’t need a facial. The reason for it being the fact that they think they don’t need to look great. Although it does beautify us but it also imparts health and life to the skin. Apart from cleansing and moisturizing it also fights ageing, heals and removes scars. Let’s explore a few facts regarding why do we all need facial.

Facial Fights Tanning


Irrespective of using sunscreens skin is sure to get tanned if you have no other option but to commute in the sun. An anti-tan facial is something your skin needs badly to get rid of that uneven skin tone because of tanning. It does wonders on tanned skin and helps you get a tan-free, fairer and glowing skin.



Acne is a common problem that arises in summer. Humidity and dirt add to the cause. Anti-acne facials are best to fight acne and to reduce the scars left by them. Moreover, it’s the best facial if you have sensitive skin. Your beautician will give you glowing skin along with some tips on how to take care of your sensitive skin.



Considering the lifestyle that we follow like wearing make-up or living in the polluted air, deep cleansing is a must. Exfoliating and deep cleansing remove the dirt and dead cells off the skin. This allows the moisture to penetrate deep within and getting rid of toxins.

Cleans Blackheads

Facial is the best option if you want to get rid of whiteheads and blackheads. Extraction is done to remove all those small devils on your face and make it clear and smooth. Clogged pores ruin the glow of the face and also can cause acne so, don’t take them lightly.

Fights Ageing For You


Facial massage increases blood circulation in the face which is very important for a radiant skin. There are many anti-ageing facials which reduce the fine lines and delay the arrival of wrinkles. It tightens and makes the skin firmer. Anti-ageing facials increase the elasticity of the skin as well. Nowadays wine facials are becoming very popular as they have amazing anti-ageing properties.



Face needs to remain hydrated as that imparts glow and health to it. It allows the penetration of antioxidants, nutrients and essential oils into the skin. You can also keep your face hydrated by drinking a lot of water and fruit juices, applying hydrating masks and using good quality moisturizing creams.

Why need a Reason to be Pampered?


The hectic lifestyle doesn’t leave any time for us to take care of ourselves or to even take rest. Whether you are always busy on your laptop or running behind kids, spare some time to pamper yourself. Give yourself a few moments to relax after that whole month of travelling because of weddings or meetings. Let your skin revive and let a beautician comfort your tired facial skin.

Download Style My Body and know which facial would suit your skin best. Just relax this weekend and allow your facial skin to be pampered while it’s actually being rejuvenated!


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