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What’s Causing You Blackheads?

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Blackheads are the black or dark bumps that appear on the skin. They mainly occur on the face but can also appear on neck, chest, arms and back. They are a type of acne and is caused due to clogged pores or follicles. There are follicles in our skin that contain a hair and a sebaceous gland. This gland produces sebum to moisturize the skin. When dead skin and oil clogs the pores blackheads occur. They are called blackheads because they contain oxidised melanin (the pigment that gives colour to our skin). if the clogged pore is closed with a layer of skin then it’s called whitehead but if the layer of skin opens up it becomes black because of the oxidation of melanin hence, blackhead. Let’s check some reasons which trigger the above process.

Mind What You Eat


Fried food, food rich in sugar or carbohydrates give you blackheads or any other form of acne. So, keep a check on your intake of French fries, chips, cold drinks, chocolates, donuts etc. These are good as long as they are taken mindfully.



Sweat can clog up the pores so, always clean your skin after a workout. Try not to wear make-up when you are sweating a lot as make-up clogs the pores and increases the chance of getting blackheads or any other breakout.



Make-up is a big enemy of your skin if you sleep with it on. It clogs the pores and doesn’t let sebum to come out hence, increasing the chances of getting blackheads. You should also be careful about the ingredients of the product that you are choosing for your skin as there are certain chemicals which are harmful for the skin. Always remember to wash your make-up off before hitting the bed if blackheads are the last thing that you want to see on your pretty face.



Yes, you heard it right! Stress and anxiety are not only giving you insomnia and grey hair but they are the enemies of your beauty too. If you take a lot of stress then probably this is the reason behind those black devils on your face.



Caffeine has stimulants that trigger the production of oil in the skin. if you are addicted to tea or coffee and drink several cups a day then this will lead to overproduction of oil and hence, blackheads. So, to avoid blackheads try cutting down on your caffeine intake.



A cigarette contains ash, tar and several chemicals that damage the skin. It causes clogged pores and accelerates cell death. These lead to different types of acne and also hinder the treatment of acne.



Alcohol is your enemy if you hate acne. It reduces the pore size on the skin making it susceptible to clogging. It also alters your sleep patterns which again is harmful for the overall body including the skin. You must cut down on your alcohol intake if you want healthy and glowing skin.



In the late 20s the estrogen levels drop down in women. This means that there is more of testosterone than estrogen in the body and leads to increased oil production in the skin. this can cause clogging of pores hence, acne or blackheads.



If you are taking hormones as medications then you may get acne or blackheads. Some other medications may also cause the same as their side-effects. Medications including testosterone, estrogen, steroids and phenytoin cause more of blackheads.

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