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Things You Must Know Before Trying A New Hair Colour


Colouring your hair definitely changes the entire look. But if you want it to be a pleasant surprise and not a shock for both you and others, there are a few things that you must take care of hair colour. Remember, you should never be shy of asking questions to your stylist as its normal to be concerned about your looks. So, here are a few but very important things that you must be aware of before deciding a colour.

Consult Your Beautician First


Before deciding a colour for your hair you must discuss it with your beautician. Because it is going to stay on your hair for really long it must suit you too. Hair colour depends not just on your skin tone but on the colour of your eyes as well. So, it’s really important to have a talk with your beautician and then colour your hair. Well, it never means that you can’t decide the colour yourself. It’s done just to be on the safer side.

What’s Your Preference?

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Some people wish to cover their greys only, some want a little change and some wish to change the total appearance of their hair. So, the shades depend on how do you want your hair to be. For instance, if you are looking forward to cover the greys only you may opt for the same shade as your natural hair. And if you want little change then you can try highlighting your hair. Entire change in your hair and look can be tried by colouring the entire hair in one or a combination of colours. Well, it has many options open and they work brilliantly.

Tell Your Beautician What’s A Big NO For You!

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You must inform your beautician how you won’t ever want to look like. You may carry pictures (if you can) to show and clear your ideas to the expert. This reduces the chances of negative consequences.

Bigger Change- Bigger Damage

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Yes, you got it right! Trying colours totally different from your natural hair colour is going to damage your hair more. This involves bleaching your hair first to lift off your natural hair colour. Bleaching is of course harmful for the hair plus there is no guarantee that the new look will suit you. In any case it turns out to be a disaster then you know you are again going to use more of chemicals to repair the look.

Take Maintenance Tips From the Expert

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Don’t worry, I am maintaining the right order and unlike the usual, maintenance tips must be asked before trying a specific colour. Some shades require more maintenance than others. So, you must be prepared for the homework that follows after. Colours like shades of gray and red, pearl, ash and silver have the tendency to oxidise over time hence, need frequent salon visits.



Experts say that you should protect your hair from sun and pool water for sure. You can use scarves, hats, sunscreens or UV sprays but try using chemicals as less as possible. Sunlight may change the colour of your hair (if exposed for long) and make it dull too. Seawater or pool water again may also lead to dullness and changes in colour. But it never means that you need to give up on the fun. Just soak your hair in normal water or apply conditioner all over and then enjoy the water.

Most Important- Aftercare

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If you loved your new look and want to stay it for long then you need to really take care of it now. Buy good quality shampoo and conditioners as suggested by the expert. You must also apply hair masks and take hair spa once in a while. These will help you keep your hair lustrous and lively!

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