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Our Hot IPL Stars With Their Cool Looks

virat kohli

IPL is not just a cricket season but it has always been a season of style as well. Be it cricketers, cheer leaders or anchors there is a lot of detailing in everyone’s wardrobe and looks. Every IPL we get to see most of them in new avatars. Earlier men used to restrict themselves a little when it came to styling the hair and beard. But now it’s a trend to sport new looks. Now no restrictions on styling their head and face so, we keep seeing them in different styles every season. Here are a few of the most stylish Indian cricketers with their killer looks.

Yuvi’s Bold Look


Yuvi always sports his beard and moustache and keeps playing with his hair. Here he has kept a little long hair in the crown section which is lifted up to give volume. Then it’s side swept using the fingers to not make it look very tidy and to sport a bolder look. The beard is grown full but is trimmed well to not make it look untidy. The moustache is long enough to join the beard. The dark beard and moustache look just perfect on his fair complexion.

The Stylish Dhoni


Mahi is the coolest player of all times. He keeps a cool attitude not only in the game but also in his looks. From the long hair when he started playing for India to this Mohawk he is so very stylish. The hair in the crown section has been made into messy spikes. The salt and pepper look of his stubbles is making him look so hot, right?

Tall Man Long Hair


Ishant’s love for long hair is well known from the beginning. Now he ties them in a pony unlike the days when he started playing for India. Ishant has wavy and bouncy hair which he keeps them long and ties up in a pony at the back. He has patchy beard which is of middle length at the sides and grown longer from under his lower lip, chin area and under the jawline. And this is just perfect enough to give him this rough look.

Jadeja’s Tough Side


Ravindra Jadeja is sporting a long beard and full moustache here. His beard is long but maintained properly to give it a tidy appearance. The moustache is grown well and falls on the lips. He hasn’t combed his moustache into the beard but has let it free to stand above the beard to give a tough look. The hair is longer at the crown section which is lifted up to give height and then finger combed backwards. The hair at the nape is shorter and merges with the beard through the sideburns.

Manish’s Long Bangs


Manish Pandey is looking super-hot in this supercool hairstyle. The hair in the crown section is wavy so, looks good in long bangs. He has side swept the bangs to not let them fall on his sexy glasses. He has finger combed his hair to give it a messy look. His tidy beard is medium length and trimmed well to give a perfect look. He has maintained his moustache well and trimmed just above the beard. I must say he is very particular about his looks and maintains it well.

Rahul’s Mid Length Beard


K L Rahul is known to sport different hairstyles. He keeps experimenting with his hair and often keeps long hair. Here he is seen in mid length beard and well-trimmed moustache. His moustache is long enough to join the beard above the chin. His patchy beard is a little longer at the chin area.

Dhawan’s Handlebar Moustache


He is the style icon when it comes to showing off the moustache. He flaunts his handlebar moustache, full beard and very short hair. This left-handed batsman and right arm off-break bowler is truly different from everyone else in game and style both.

Rohit’s Stubbles


Rohit Sharma is looking absolutely hot in this look. Wavy long hair at the top with razor fading the bottom of the nape area and the sideburns are complementing his confident personality. His beard is perfectly trimmed imparting a sleek look.

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