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Most Common Reasons for Hair Loss in Men


About 70% of all men are affected by hair loss at some point in their lives. Some take it sportively while others don’t. The most common reason for it is Androgenetic Alopecia or male pattern baldness which is a hereditary disease and leads to permanent hair loss in men. Apart from this there are many other reasons that cause temporary hair loss and can be checked if taken proper care.


The lifestyle we follow has become so very hectic that many a times we either skip our meals or combine them (like having a brunch). This unbalanced diet is a big reason for hair fall. Proteins, vitamins and minerals are very much required in optimum quantities for proper hair growth. Try including Vit C, A and B7 and minerals like iron and zinc in the diet.



Stress has a negative effect on not just the hair but our overall health. A peaceful mind and happy atmosphere have positive impact on the body. Stress is a big reason for hair fall in and women both.



Hair loss occurs if a person is suffering from some disease. It may also be caused as a side effect of many medications.



Smoking causes poor blood circulation as a result hair follicles get lesser nutrients. Hair fall occurs due to reduced availability of nutrients.



Most of the men are in jobs that involves longer sitting hours which leads to very less or no physical activities or exercising. Physical activeness is very important for the proper function of all the body parts.

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