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How Can Men Get Rid of Dark Lips?

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Dark lips have always been a common problem for men because of many reasons like smoking, exposure to sun and others. Men don’t long for pink lips but nor do they love dark lips. Apart from the fact that dark lips are bad to look at, they also ruin your personality sometimes and can even make you feel low. Here are a few causes which give you dark lips.



Smoking is not just the reason behind many health reasons but beauty problems as well. It leaves a stain on and around the lips which makes it appear dark. It also dries the lip and may burn it too. Better quit smoking to escape several skin and lungs problems.

Sun Exposure


Sun exposure causes the production of melanin, the pigment that gives colour to the skin. Long exposures to sun causes excess production of melanin which leads to dark lips. You can avoid this by applying a lip balm with SPF 15 or covering your face when out in the sun.

Tea or Coffee

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Limit your tea or coffee intake if you don’t want your lips to get even darker. Apart from darkening your lips it will also turn your teeth yellow.

Don’t Lick Your Lips


Some people have the habit of licking or biting their lips. While biting the lips can leave marks for long, licking the lips is also harmful. Licking the lips doesn’t wet them but actually dries them up more. Drying lips will make you feel like licking them again and this constantly dries them up leading to them getting darker.

Chlorinated Water


Try avoiding chlorinated water to the extent possible as it may give you dark lips.

Exfoliate Them


Exfoliating your lips is a good habit unless you end up harming them. Exfoliating them gets them rid of the dead cells and improves blood circulation. You can mix some sugar in honey or olive oil and exfoliate gently and apply a lip balm after rinsing it off.

Stay Hydrated


Stay hydrated always to maintain the optimum level of water in the body. This avoids dehydration and lips being the most delicate skin of the body start drying and cracking very soon in case of dehydration.

Eat Healthy


Fruits rich in Vitamin C help avoid lip discoloration as lip pigmentation is a sign of deficiency of vitamins. So, include a lot of fruits and vegetables in your diet to escape any vitamin deficiency. Including fruits in the diet also keeps you hydrated which is again very important for avoiding dryness and hence, lip pigmentation.

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Happy sexy lips, Men!


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