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Healthy Shaving Tips For Men

shaving for men

For some men shaving is a daily affair while others don’t shave very often.  But irrespective of this fact that shaving is an unavoidable part of their lives many men don’t know well about it. Most of the men suffer from some common after shave problems like irritation, redness or bumps. Here are a few tips that will prove to be a boon and save you from torturing your facial skin.

Perfect Time


It is divided in three phases namely pre shave, shave and after shave. Pre shave phase is the time just before shaving. It is important to choose a correct time for shaving. You should not shave early in the morning as soon as you get up as the blood is not into strong circulation.

A good quality shaving kit and good techniques are very important to have a good shave and a good facial skin.

After shave phase is as important as the shaving one because now you need to comfort your skin later. Facial skin is the most sensitive skin and taking care of it becomes essential after a shave.

Choose Quality Products


Inferior quality products increase the chances of getting irritation or redness. They may also cause other problems like rashes or pimples. So, choose good quality shaving creams and after shaves always.

Use Cold Water for Shaving

The pores get opened during when you shave. Cold water helps closing the pores and tightening the skin. It also freshens up the mood. Do not rub the face after rinsing it; just pat it dry.

Comforting the Skin


Because shaving isn’t a great experience for the extra delicate facial skin it becomes very important to soothe it later. You must apply aloe vera gel or wash your face with a face wash with aloe vera gel or tea tree oil in it. These accelerate the healing process.

Applying alum also helps in healing the cuts. In addition to antiseptic properties it also has cooling effect which adds to the feel good factor.

After Shave after Shaving


Shaving is very torturing to the skin so, moisturizing is necessary. Always apply some moisturizing lotion at the end to soothe the skin. In addition to soothing the skin it also nourishes the skin as oil also gets depleted off the skin while shaving.

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