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Hair Removal Myths and Their Reality

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Hair removing is a no big deal now. There are numerous easy ways to get rid of those unwanted bunches. But there are plenty of myths associated with each of those methods. So, here are the hair removal myths busted that you would like to know to choose the best and easiest one for you.

Shaving thickens the hair


Shaving never thickens the hair, hair is tapered at the tip and when they are shaved off the tip gets blunt. This tip is thick to look at and hence, the myth evolved.

Laser treatment-Permanent Remedy


This is the biggest myth regarding laser treatments. Laser treatments do not kill the hair follicles but damage them. It damages only those follicles which are in growth phase and that constitutes only 25% of all hair follicles. Hence, around six sessions are required to complete the laser treatment. But that doesn’t guarantee 100% hair removal as still there would be hair which remain untargeted. And a proportion of those targeted ones also tend to reverse back and grow. So, you need to repeat it again in a couple of years.

Hair removal creams are safe on sensitive skin

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Hair removal creams have chemicals which work by dissolving the hair. I think this clears the whole concept that how safe these chemicals are. They are harsh and may cause irritation on sensitive skin. Always remember to not keep the cream for very long as it can be harmful for your beautiful skin.

Tweezing is safe for ingrown hair

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Tweezing is a method that requires a long hair shaft to pull. If you try pulling ingrown hair then it may break the skin around it and lead to infection or scarring.

Waxing is a harmful and painful technique

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Waxing is the most effective method of all the temporary ones. It causes little redness and inflammation in people with sensitive skin but it’s the best one to get rid of unwanted hair for longer. Earlier it used to remove at least one centimetre long hair but this drawback is also overcome by the coming of chocolate wax. Chocolate wax are efficient in removing hair which are even shorter in length.

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