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Few Common Beauty Myths Busted


Myths are something which are followed or believed widely but don’t have any proper scientific ground. Many such myths are also popular when it comes to beauty. We often are advised by our moms, neighbours and friends to apply aloe vera on sunburns or castor oil for healthier hair. Let’s explore which of these beauty myths are genuine and which ones are absolutely baseless.

The Castor Oil Myth

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You must have heard a lot of people saying that castor oil does miracles for hair. It grows the hair stronger, longer and thicker. Well, castor oil is rich in Vit E and fatty acids and has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. The truth is that it does moisturize the hair ultimately making it look shinier and healthier. it’s very much helpful in Aloepicia and is effective in healing inflammation. This may lead to healthier hair in these cases. But normally it only makes them look stronger, shinier hence, healthier. Moreover, applying hair-oil is always good and won’t harm in any way unless you don’t leave it days together. So, let your hair shine!

Black Tea or Aloe Vera For Sunburn?

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Most of us use aloe vera or similar gels which have cooling properties. But it might surprise you that warm black tea gives quick relief in sunburn. Tannic acid is present in strong black tea and has the property to takes away the pain and itching so, is helpful in sunburns. You only need to brew a really strong black tea and mix it in warm water. Now soak yourself in this warm water and be ready to roam again in the sun fearlessly!

Soak Nails in Water to Dry Them Faster


Well I have heard it many times to dip nails in water if you want to dry your nails faster. But the truth is that normal to cold water don’t help much. You will have to dip for really long and still I am not very sure. But ice water is something you can trust only if you can dip your fingers for at least three minutes. And trust me three minutes feel like a never ending saga when its ice water you are dealing with.

Try Lemon for Bleaching Effect on Hair


Natural bleaching methods don’t work that well when it comes to hair. So, lemon alone isn’t a great idea if you want to lighten the natural colour of your hair. But one thing which is even cheaper than lemon or I should say is just free of cost and does magic is the sun. Sun breaks down the melanin (pigment) of your hair. Lemon opens the hair cuticles which helps the sun perform the bleaching job faster.

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