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Bollywood Stars In Their Best Looks

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Film industry is all about acting but style and attitude have always been equally important. The credit to all the new style and trends in India of course always goes to the Bollywood stars. Be it the hairstyle, beard style, or trends in the fashion industry including clothes, shoes or accessories everything comes from Bollywood. The Rajesh Khanna hairstyle, Sadhna cut, bell bottoms, bobby print, Mumtaz Sari are some of the legendary styles that Bollywood gave to India and can never be forgotten. Here are a few famous beard and hairstyle duo which have been recently seen in the industry.

Farhan’s Lifted Crown


This cool look is easy to achieve. You just have to grow your hair in the crown section longer than those in the nape section. Give two high parts on either sides and lift the hair of the crown section and set with a hair gel. Then neatly comb the hair in the nape section downwards and set with gel. Grow your beard up to mid length. Trim your beard uniformly and the moustache too just to not cover the lips.

Mr. Perfectionist’s Perfect Handlebars


Aamir has back combed his curly hair and set them with gel. He has grown his moustache long enough to make them into handlebars. The moustache stands just above his beard. The beard is full but well groomed. It is trimmed to give it a round shape. Few greys in his front nape section and beard, handlebar moustache and full beard- perfect combination for a perfect look on the perfectionist.

Rampal’s Long Hair


Arjun Rampal has grown his hair long and finger combed the hair in the crown section sideways. Finger combing gives a messy look which is really cool. The beard is grown up to mid length and trimmed uniformly all around. The moustache is also trimmed just above lips and joins the beard just under the corners of his lips.

Arjun’s Spikes & Well Shaped Beard


This is a style which is very much liked by youngsters. You just have to let your hair in the crown section grow long. The hair in the nape section is tapered as it goes down. Make parts on either sides but be careful to not to make them very sharp. Finger comb the hair upward and make spikes using gel. The spikes here are tousled to give a messy look. The beard is just longer than stubbles and shaped well. Grow the beard little longer at the chin area and under the jawline. The moustache is trimmed and long enough to join the beard.

Vir Das’s Cliff & Full Beard


Guys can try this hairstyle to add up to their height. Grow your hair in the crown section and finger comb upwards to make them into a cliff. Keep the hair in the nape section shorter and brush downwards or sideways as per your choice. Grow your full beard. The moustache here is long and covers his upper lips. You may trim them if you like. Trim your beard to give it a round shape. You may also grow the beard at the chin longer to give it a V shape.

Ranveer’s Killer Look


With this look you are sure to impress a lot of girls. Just grow your hair a little long. Give a side part and lift your hair of the crown section to make them into a cliff. Comb the hair under the side part downwards. Grow your full beard and trim it to make it rounded or V shape. Here it is longer at the chin. Trim your moustache to make it thin and long and then make handlebars. He has not only grown his hair long but beard and moustache as well. Probably there is no beard and hairstyle combination that Ranveer would not have tried; but isn’t this his hottest look ever?

Sidesweep Your Wavy Hair


Harshvardhan Kapoor’s gentleman’s look is pretty impressive. Let your bangs grow then part your hair on one side and sidesweep them. Finger comb your hair to impart a messy look. He has grown his patchy beard to mid length and trimmed uniformly. His moustache is also well grown but stands above his beard covers his upper lip. While this look is just perfect on him, this also is the best to make him appear mature enough.

Ranvijay’s Long Beard


Ranvijay always sports beard and moustache which really suits him. To get this cool look of Ranvijay you only need to grow your hair and beard long. Don’t sweep the hair back and let it fall on your forehead. Grow your full beard and let your moustache grow long enough to join the beard. trim your beard at the sides and let it grow longer under your lips, at the chin and under the jawline.

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