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9 Most Common Reasons For Chapped Lips in Summer

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Dry lips not only are bad to look at but very uncomfortable and sometimes even painful. There culprits that cause chapped lips are things that we are so familiar with. You can’t avoid using these but can be careful and take precautionary measures to keep your lips soft and lovable.



Not only the dry wind causes the lips to dry in winter but the heat in the summer also causes the lips to get chapped. The air conditioner also cause the lips to dry. And it’s not just the sunny days that are the enemy of your lips; lips get dried even on cloudy days.



Some cosmetics have chemicals that cause irritation in the lips and make them dry. Mint, capsacin and menthol should be avoided as they cause irritation in lips and make them appear fuller. Another important thing is that you should always buy products of a renowned brand and check the ingredients. Try choosing products which have natural or herbal ingredients.



Lips dry out if the body is not hydrated well. Lips don’t have oil glands so, they tend to dry faster. Sports like skiing, biking or motor boating can also make your lips chapped as they are exposed to wind and UV rays for long.

Licking them


If you are also habituated to licking your lips in order to moisturize them, you are actually making them even drier. After you lick your lips the saliva evaporates taking the moisture away with it. This is the reason your lips feel dry soon again and you lick them again. So, next time watch out on licking them and apply some lip balm instead.

Dehydrating beverages


Although beverages are liquid but not necessarily hydrating. Caffeinated drinks like tea, coffee and soda are dehydrating in nature. Alcohol, energy drinks and milk are all dehydrating in nature. It means if you are consuming them you also will have to hydrate yourself to keep your lips soft.

Spicy Food


Spicy foods and citrus fruits also cause the drying of lips. So, you should always apply lip balm after having such foods.

Vit B2 Deficiency


Deficiency of Vitamin B2 leads to cracking of lips. Deficiency of calcium may also cause chapped lips although it’s not scientifically proved. The deficiency of Vitamin D causes reduced absorption of calcium so, Vit D deficiency may also lead to cracked lips.

Mouth Breathing


This is the major reason for drying of lips in kids and people with constant cold due to allergies. In this case, air passes constantly over the lips and hence, dries them.



If you are on some medication, its perhaps the medicines which are the reason behind your drying lips. Anti-ageing and anti-acne products cause the lips to dry even though they are not in direct contact with the lips. Propranolol is an ingredient of the medicines for blood pressure that causes dry lips.

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