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5 Types of Spa that You Certainly Would Want To Try!

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Spa in its true sense is a treatment that gives health benefits for a longer time. But now it’s often used for the leisure or health industries that provide good service and relaxation. These industries focus on our modern and hectic lifestyle. They now include a vast range of therapies which are related to modern day lifestyles, problems and needs. The diverse therapies concentrate on issues like mental stress, physical stress, cosmetic related problems or simply a break from the routine life. It is the best practice to rejuvenate, refresh, refill and recycle the whole body and soul and make it younger and healthy. Sometimes they are situated amidst the calm of nature to provide you with the best of a holiday along with a comforting spa. They may also be situated sometimes in the nearest malls so that we may go rejuvenate ourselves quickly.

Urban Spa

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It is also popular as Day Spa. It is often found at places like malls, clubs, resorts, hotels or airports making it an exorbitant way of experiencing peace. Facilities like pool, sauna or steam room are also available.

Destination Spa


These are usually located at mineral springs or hot springs. Now they are also found near rivers or on mountains which are usually away from the population and pollution of the city. They are dedicated to health and wellness. They involve a short stay which can be a few days long according to the treatment or program opted.  Some of the special programs that they offer include weight management programs, stress management programs, detox programs and skin rejuvenation. If you are tired of your routine life and want to escape into a holiday only with yourself and for yourself, destination spa is what you will love for the refreshment it fills you with.

Medical Spa


It’s a hybrid of a day spa and a medical clinic. The best part is that it offers medical treatment with the benefits of a spa. Usually the day one gains popularity depending on the relaxation it succeeds in providing but a medi one gains it on the basis of the result it produces. It’s run under the guidance of a medical practitioner. While estheticians perform most of the therapy, doctors take care of all the medical procedures that are related to the medical realm. It offers therapies associated to dermatology or cosmetic surgery like acne treatment, microdermabrasion, reducing scars etc.

Hotel/Resort Spa


Nowadays hotels and resorts offer spa to attract travellers. Usually the services are limited to the guests. They include sauna, steam rooms, swimming pools etc. They may offer a variety of it or sometimes just a special one which the particular place is famous for. Hotel spas are appreciated a lot for the reason that apart from providing lodging and food it also provides relaxation to its guests.

Cruise/Ship Spa


It offers exotic spa services on a cruise. It is becoming a multimillion dollar industry seeing the popularity its gaining as it’s not just a holiday on a cruise but a package to kill stress and rejuvenate oneself all over again amidst the peace of a sea and away from the chaos of the city. Services like spa, salons, beauty parlours, swimming pools, thermal relaxation areas are there on the pool. Thalassotherapy pools which uses sea water for cosmetic therapies are also available on the cruise.

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