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5 Most Trending Nail Shapes

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Nail art has become very popular recently but shaping the nails properly and in different styles has always been into fashion. Well-shaped nails not only look beautiful but add to your personality unlike dirty ones who make you look careless and untidy. The basic shapes of nails are round, square, oval and almond. Stiletto and ballerina are some new nail shapes that have recently become quite popular. Girls, let’s check the trending ones out!



This is one of the easiest still beautiful shape for your nails. This is the best one to try if you are in a haste and need to shape your nails fast. Those who keep short nails prefer round nails more.

To achieve round nails first cut your nails straight to the length of your choice using nail clippers. Then take a nail filer and file it round. Another way to getting a rounded nail is to cut your nails round to the desired length and then file it.



These became famous as they are used in French manicures. These are beautiful to look at and draw attention to your nails.

The easiest way to achieve them is to cut your nails straight using nail clippers and then file them straight to make the top perfectly straight. Then you need to file the corners of the nails upwards and remove sharp edges.



These are very similar to round nails but are a little longer in length. If you want something more than just rounded nails then you can try shaping your nails oval.

You can shape your nails oval by filing the nails round at the top but remember to keep the sides straight.



It is a fusion of square and oval shapes of nails. These are good to look at and add to the variety you can shape your nails in when in a hurry. This is one of the most decent and best suited shapes for longer nails. If you have long nails then just won’t make your nails look beautiful but also reduce the chances of breaking of nails from the corners.

To achieve the squoval shape you first need to give square shape to your nails and then file the edges into an oval one.



Stiletto shaped nails became very popular recently. This is a very trendy style which makes your nails just different from others and a centre of attraction. People prefer getting this shape done at salons as these are a little difficult to be achieved at home. Don’t be upset if you don’t have naturally long nails. You can get this shape by the help of acrylic nails.

Start filing your nails upwards to get the shape of a stiletto. If you have really long nails then you can flaunt your beautiful and long stilettoes.

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