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11 Incredible Summer Nail Art Ideas

nail art

Let the magic rest on your finger tips this summer. Nail art is the best example to show how artistic an artist can get. It’s a great way to make your hands and feet look gorgeous. Now you get nail art ideas for almost every theme, dress or event. So, if you are bored of applying nail paints in the same old fashion it’s time you try out these super cool nail art ideas and look summer ready. Add the same old colours to your nails but in a brand new way and get colourful artistically!

Go Colourful!

Nail art

This style looks very smart and can be worn to offices even. The colourful crosshatch can be made with all of those bright shades that are at your home. The straight lines with different colours are a perfect look to wear on any western dress. They look brilliant with any combination of colours, so, try them on this week and shoo away the boredom at your office.

Black & White


Black & White looks very classic which makes it the safest style to be tried. These crosshatches are although a little messy to make but gives a very classy touch.

Flowery Nail Art

Nail art

White and blue flowers on a black base look fresh and cool. You can even make white as the base colour and make blue and black flowers on it. You can also try hundred other combination of colours and go flowery altogether.

The Cartoon Crazy

Nail art

If you are going for a birthday party or if it’s your kid’s birthday, this nail art suits best. You can try several other cartoon themes apart from this Mickey and Minnie one. You may also try the fairy tales themes and probably become a kid again.


Inverted Hearts


Stilettos are becoming very popular nowadays. There are many styles to decorate your stilettos but this is a very easy and quick method to do so. First of all give a white base to the nails. Later just paint inverted pink hearts on the stilettos and you are done. You may use other combination of colours according to your dress or mood.

The Animal Lover


This animal print nail art is another hot way to beautify your nails. Here black and golden colours are used to create the cheetah print. Matte and glossy black nail paints have been used very smartly to give it a matte and glossy finish at the same time. You can also try zebra print and make your nails animal friendly.

Garden Look

Nail art

Beautiful flowers and butterflies fill all of us with joy. This nail art involves the use of really bright colours as the base and crosshatches on alternate nails as base. Although it is a little difficult to paint but totally worth in the end.

Tribal Nail Art

Nail art

These nail arts are easy to make and look really cool. You can try hundreds of different patterns with different colours. Here the designs are made on a nude base but you can always go innovative. While these give a stunning look to your nails, they can be worn to formal places too.

Stone Age


Create the stone age era on your nails. This nail art style involves the blending of colours in such a way that it resembles exactly like stones or marbles.

Pink Heart

Nail art

This is a very simple and pretty nail art. If you want to decorate your nails without spending much time on them then this is a good option to try. Pink and white combination French manicure on a shiny base coat looks just lovely. It’s so easy hence, making it a must try.

Sparkling Green French Manicure

Nail art

This French manicure gives a very elegant look. The green glitter nail polish has been given a black base line at the bottom. The transparent nail polish gives shiny and glossy look to the nail. This is a very easy to make nail art and definitely a very beautiful one.

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