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How Should Men Take Care Of Their Hair This Summer?


Approaching summer is an alarm for all of us to be ready to protect our skin and hair from the scorching sun. Most of us take really good care of the skin but neglect the hair completely and end up cursing the summer for damaging and depleting the quality of our hair.

Sweat and heat leave no stone unturned in damaging the hair. The common problems that guys suffer include sweaty or oily scalp, rough hair, dandruff, stinky scalp and hair (sweat being the culprit of course) and hair-fall. Here are a few easy tips that can do wonders for your hair.

Shampoo Daily in Summer


Shampooing daily will wash off the sweat and dirt. You may use anti-dandruff ones if your scalp is prone to dandruff. Shampooing daily can make it dry and frizzy so, do not forget to condition it regularly. If you think that your head doesn’t get too dirty then you can wash it on alternate days.

A Short Hot Haircut


The best and easiest way to get rid of many of the problems is to keep your hair short. Short hair will avoid more of sweat and hence, dirt, dandruff and uneasiness. Apart from the mentioned benefits a short haircut will also help you get a new hairstyle and a trendy look. Download Style My Body to book your appointment now with the best hairstylists around you and get a new haircut that will suit you best.

Pool Water- Big Enemy


Chlorine present in pool water makes hair very rough and dry. Algae and the dissolved dirt in it are other enemies and make pool water so very unsafe for hair. So, swimming cap turns about to be your best buddy in pool.



Sunburn happens not only on the skin but on the scalp too. Using a good sunscreen prevents the scalp from sunburns and hair from getting damaged in the sun. A sunscreen not just protects your hair and scalp but you may also use it to style your hair.

Cap’s a Must

Caps or helmets protect the hair from the scorching sun. They also prevent them from getting dry and frizzy.

Say Yes to Oiling

Guys don’t like using hair oils. They don’t find it important to oil hair because of their short length. But it’s very important to oil them irrespective of the length. It nourishes, strengthens and moistens them. If you don’t like to oil and leave it overnight you can also oil it an hour before shampooing it. This will not let the shampoo deplete all the oil and moisture from your hair.

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